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Hot Glue

This is where it all starts. The first outing takes us on an adventure through the sounds of the world through the eyes of Mr. Jr. This genre-jumping whirlwind of songs makes a lot of sense until it doesn't. Then it makes no sense until it does. Either way, you've never heard anything quite like Hot Glue. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll do marijuana.

Hot Glue has only a few simple rules: 

1)  No lyrics or concepts are to be physically written at any time. No Notepads. Just Balls.

2) The order of the tracks are to be in the same order in which they were recorded.

3) No song may be over 90 seconds in length.

4) When in doubt, get drunk and instruct others to "be aggressive". This is very important.


Explicit Content

Released on 4/20/2019.