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A moment of silence

Local resident, Ed McCreedy offering his sympathies at the Highman Mission Church and Baptistry. Crowds gathered at HMCB on April 20th, just hours after the incident.

The death of someone's lord has proven to be a tremendous loss for folks all around the world. Ed McCreedy (pictured above) is sponsoring a bake sale is hopes of helping his fishing community rebuild. "It was crazy, man. There were these devils floating over the beach when it happened. I was just playing some mini-golf and not even 20 minutes later someone's lord done up and died. I was like, what are we gonna do now?" A tsunami went undetected and ultimately consumed the small fishing town just moments after someone's lord was crucified by the true creator. Ed has been working with HMCB to help raise awareness and is hopeful that he can raise enough funds to purchase and install a lighthouse on the edge of town, and still have a enough money left over to buy a bag of weed. "I just know that I have to do something and we've got to stick together. Nobody tried as hard as someone's lord did for all of us. I think it's about time we show him what his work meant to us and we give a little of it back." HMCB is having a backyard barbeque and DIY blood drive this Saturday, in remembrance of someone's lord. Someone's lord is survived by a trunk full of sock puppets and a stick-figure boner.

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