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A word from our sponsors - Rampax

Every woman has a moment. Whether it's family time, catching lightning bugs on a warm summer night, sweet kisses on the forehead before bedtime, riding horses in a wind-swept field, or taking a trip to the Grand Canyon - every woman has a moment. That is why we've orchestrated the perfect product for when that moment occurs. With Rampax, that moment can change from caution tape to duct tape in a flash! In our finest factories located in India, we find the tiniest of hands to weave each comfortable layer of our finest adhesive strips, while providing the same quality brick and mortar design work you've come to expect from Rampax brand tampons. Stylish, slick, and under control. Be the woman you've always dreamt of with Rampax.

"I personally used Rampax when I had the worst wikileak of all time. I went from unsure to sure thing in less than a minute! I always use Rampax for all of my plugging needs."

-Chelsea Manning, Top User

Here at Rampax, we know that every woman is unique. That's why we've taken into account all shapes and sizes of the beautiful woman that exists inside all of us. With our one-size-fits-all design, you'll never have to cancel your plans when the red witch comes to town.

Try Rampax today! You can depend on Rampax for your "hole" life!

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