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The Tale of Piggly Wings Pt. 2

Where was I? Ah yes! The vaginal screeching that sounded like Stop Calling Me Steven! I considered the words I had just heard uttered from the darkness. My heart was racing, as one's heart tends to do when the air is littered with foreign sounds floating through the darkness. Suddenly, two red glowing eyes raced past my field of vision in my one good eye. "Hello? Who is there?", I asked, unsure if I truly wanted the answer to my question. "....chhhhaaaaaa…" "Speak up, you cowardly beast! Show yourself!" "...CCCHHHAAAA...", was the only reply. Then it appeared again. This time, the glowing eyes had found themselves a home on a shaking face with a wide open mouth. Fear gripped me and my bowels released into my under dressings. I braced myself, ready for what terrible things might happen. But nothing did happen. I had blinked and it had returned to the nothing from which it came. I waited and clutched my chest. Still nothing. I inched forward into the black that surrounded me.

About that time, I saw a sign that read "WHeRe tHInGs GiT LEFt bEhIND". Even in the most dire of situations, my greedy nature had always gotten the best of me. "Things getting left behind? What a pity for some poor sap", I muttered to myself, ready to pilfer any spoils that may be found. Then I saw a shimmering light skimming across the ground that lay ahead. Somehow I had missed it. That was no ground at all. A body of water was no more that 10 meters in front of me. Hovering over it was a single pointing finger. It was pointing at me. As I moved my head from side to side, the finger stayed fixated on me. I leaned in closer, careful not to take a step.

The pointing finger suddenly divided itself into 20 pointing fingers; each one equal in size and identical to the first. "What in the blue devil...?", I asked myself when the 20 fingers began to split into 100 pointing fingers. Each one just as shaming as the last. My mind begged for answers. What is this? Where have these fingers been? What sort of filthy residue remains under the unkempt nails of these wretched digits? Are they going to go inside of me? Would I like it if they did?

"You will not have a choice.", a voice whispered from behind me. I felt a prying sensation on my lower hole and I was lifted from the bank of the lake. It was entering me. I decided right away that no, I did not like it. "Aaahhh… ergh… what are you, you sour fiend! I'll cut you wide open! I'll tear out your heart!!" Though the threats of my tongue were like that of a viper, it did little to stop the bony spear that was penetrating my anus. All 100 fingers were still pointing at me. The pain was growing with each passing moment. "I can hear your thoughts...", it said. "Do not speak my name. Do not speak of my home. You will have your spoils, but you will have nothing else." I felt the skeletal beam slowly going further upward as I found myself closer to the heavens. "What--I, err, ugh, who, who are you?", I somehow mustered to squeak. "I am Piggly Wings. I am the serpent. I am the hydra. I am death. I am the mercy for which you beg. I am inside you." "P-p-piggly Wings?" I said, feeling faint and my sight growing dim.

"You're fucked now, merchant. I am the master of Birdbath. I could smell your repulsive, frail body long before you got here. I can smell the bowels you released in your tattered rags. I've smelled your cowardly shell since you were a child. I could taste you in the womb. I summoned you and now you are mine, as you always were. You are weak and decrepit. And now you have uttered my name, just as I always knew you would. I knew you would never be able to resist me. I am your God now."

I silently prayed for the 100 fingers to trade places with this bony staff that had pierced my anus. They were much smaller and fleshy than this calcium bollard that was now wrecking my innards. Oh, the horror of trading one sodomy for another. I felt my life fading away, if you want to call it feeling at all. It was a dreadful empty. I imagined the fallen enemies of Vlad the Impaler, fully gaped and waiting for me to join them in the pits of hell. Still, the 100 fingers pointed onward, mocking me. Silently judging me. Creating a guilt within me that I didn't understand. It didn't matter much any more. I knew I wouldn't make it out alive.

"Oh, but you will! Your death bears no fruit of joy for me. It is your eternal suffering that feeds the pit in my belly. My hunger never grows tired." Though I heard the words, I found no solace in them. Blood began to drip from the corners of my mouth while I stared blankly at the fingers. Still pointing. Still emotionless. Still provoking me as I die before them, though the were saying nothing at all. I drifted away into the nothing.

To be continued...

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