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Stop Calling Me Steven - SCMS Front Cove

SCMS (2008)

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Stop Calling Me Steven's debut album is a series of original songs that would be best described as dark pop. Heavily influenced by the early works of The Flaming Lips, Ween, and Beck, SCMS is an experimental electronic rock album that offers thoughtful lyrics layered on top of electronic drums, effects, and guitar. Released October 7th, 2008.
SCMS - Upper Echelons - Front Cover.jpg

Upper Echelons of the Downtown (2011)


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You'll find no shortage of catchy lyrics or music the sophomore album effort by SCMS. Upper Echelons features an emphasis on electronic music, while following and expanding the format of the debut album. This collection includes some heavy-hitters that include "A Time and A Place" and "Nuclear Family", as well as the rollerskate rink anthem, "Tony Clifton".
SCMS - Planets and Animals Front Cover J

Planets and Animals (2016)

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Stop Calling Me Steven's third album. This album pulls influence from previous works and ups the ante; culminating in a solid track list that offers some of the greatest works by SCMS. You can expect a mix of hard rock and electronic with lyrics that span self-reflection, serial killers, and the classics of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. This album is an absolute must from the SCMS catalog. Released in 2016.
SCMS - A Sad Sight for Sore Eyes   Cover

A Sad Sight for Sore Eyes 

Available May 31, 2019!